ShaH-IOL tester provides fast and accurate quality control of intraocular lenses (IOL) with a spherical, aspheric, toric, or complex surface. Measurement and wavefront analysis allow receiving in a few seconds the complete information on the optical quality of an IOL: focal power, wavefront aberration map (up to 66 Zernike polynomials), PSF (point spread function), MTF (modulation transfer function), EFL (effective focal length). By means of ShaH-IOL, it is possible to analyze both monofocal and multifocal lenses, either in dry (in air) or wet (in situ) conditions.

Intraocular lenses are being implanted into human eyes to replace crystalline lenses in patients suffering from defects of vision. Implantation of an IOL should provide the patient with accurate vision of surrounding objects. Quality control is a crucial point for choosing the individual IOL perfectly matching the peculiarities of patient's vision system.




IOL measured aperture

up to 4.5 mm

Power map lateral resolution
(for 4.5 aperture)

25 μm

Number of lenslets

up to 166×166

Power absolute accuracy

0.1 ... 0.3%

Power resolution

0.01 D

Repeatability RMS

1 nm

Absolute measurement
accuracy RMS


Focus position accuracy

1.5 μm

Power range
(direct measurements)

-10 D +10 D

Defocus compensator

-5 D ... +30 D

MTF absolute accuracy


Acquisition time

< 0.1 s

Processing time

< 0.5 s

Working wavelength

54610 nm

Cell alignment

4 axes (tip-tilt, X,Y)

In situ measurement cell

ISO 11979 compatible

Thermal stabilization (optional)



Ethernet, 2 channels
(GiG and 10/100) required

Software Functions

Absolute or relative measurement
Subtraction of background illumination
EFL measurement and display
MTF and PSF, Diopter power and power map
Lower and higher lens aberration (Zernike and Seidel)
Real time display of: 2D and 3D wavefront
Peak-to-Valley and RMS Values
Intensity, Slope data, Raw camera image
Lower and higher lens aberration coefficients
Synthesized interferogramm
Real time correction of sample misalignment (tilt and defocus, astigmatism)
Available units: μm, nm or λ
Frame rate up to 20 Hz

Image sensor

Kodak KAI-2020 CCD

Dimensions (LxHxW) w/o mount

300×450×300 mm


The tester may be equipped with a temperature stabilization unit (351 ºC), if requested by the customer.



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